Missing Teeth Need Tooth Replacements Like Dentures

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Your smile depends on having a full set of teeth. Even if you have optimum oral health, a single missing tooth can make your whole mouth appear broken. Replace your teeth with dentures. Partial dentures can be used for a single missing tooth or more, while complete dentures can restore entire rows with artificial replacements. Although dentures are artificial replacements for your natural teeth, they still depend on being cleaned and cared for properly.

Although dentures are safe and effective, cleaning them is still a must. Dentures should be removed every single night to soak in a solution. If you use a denture cleanser other than plain water, make sure to wash it off before reinserting your dentures back into your mouth. Never let your dentures sit out because doing so can cause them to dry out and crack and break.

If you wish to brush your teeth, remember that normal toothpaste could be too abrasive for the materials in your dentures. Always look for a product that is approved for use on dentures. Never use teeth whitening kits, hot or warm water, bleach products, or other products that could potentially damage, stain, or crack your dentures.

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