Making the Most Out of Your Oral Health and Dental Bonding

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Did you know that a single dental bonding treatment can provide additional oral health care for a tooth for up to a full decade? Dental bonding is highly effective cosmetic dentistry procedures that are designed to correct issues and ailments associated with the surface of a tooth. By applying resin or porcelain materials directly to the surface of a tooth, our dentist can improve your smile both aesthetically and functionally. Here are some of the benefits that dental bonding can provide:

– Dental bonding treatments are designed to provide your smile with the necessary care to keep your teeth and gums looking aesthetically pleasing.
– Dental bonding can be used to repair chips and cracks that may have occurred to the surface of a tooth.
– If you are suffering from extensive tooth decay, dental bonding can often be used as an aesthetic alternative to metallic dental amalgams.
– Dental bonding can be used to alter the shape and length of a tooth.
– A common issue associated with gum disease known as gum recession can expose a portion of a tooth’s root. With dental bonding, the exposed portion can once again be concealed.
– Dental bonding blends seamlessly with your smile as they are tooth-colored in appearance and can be shaded to the color of your other nearby teeth.

Are you ready to take the leap into a better smile for the use of cosmetic dentistry treatment such as dental bonding? If you are ready to see what dental bonding procedures can do to improve your smile, please come visit Sandston Comprehensive Dentistry at our dental office in Sandston, Virginia. Dr. E. Alexander White & Bradford R. Thweatt and our team can be reached at 804-737-4444.