Chewing Gum is Great for Oral Health

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There are a ton of uncommon things you can do to help improve the state of your oral health, but one of the most overlooked is to chew gum on a regular basis. Despite what you may think, or may have heard, chewing gum regularly is actually great for your oral health.

Let’s examine why that is.

Use sugarless gum

First, the caveat has to be added that the health benefit from gum comes when you chew sugarless gum. Sugared gum obviously exposes your enamel to more acids that are harmful and degrading.

Why does it help?

The simple answer is that the very act of chewing gum stimulates the production of saliva in your mouth. And saliva is actually pretty important because it contains a neutral fluid that washes away acids and helps break down bacteria that’ve taken up residence on your teeth.

Does it replace oral health care?

While chewing gum is a great way to take care of your teeth while at the office, school, or running errands, it doesn’t replace the efficacy of brushing and flossing on a regular basis. Look at it as a complimentary oral health care method.

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