A Dental Crown Can Protect a Badly Chipped Tooth

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The microscopic crystals that make up your tooth enamel are densely packed to offer great strength, but your teeth can still be chipped if you grind your teeth, chew on hard objects or suffer facial trauma. Often times, a chipped tooth requires restorative dentistry in the form of a dental crown to keep the tooth in good shape.

It’s important to receive treatment from Sandston Comprehensive Dentistry without delay so that you don’t develop a cavity as a result of plaque and food particles affecting the chipped part of your tooth. Moderate tooth damage may be sufficient to repair with a dental filling, but if the chip is greater, restoration may only be possible with a dental crown. Gold, porcelain and base metal alloys are the main materials to create a dental crown, and they are shaped after the appearance of the original tooth. The hollow inside of the crown allows it to sit on the tooth and provide protection.

The first step of placing a crown is to remove the tooth enamel from the tooth, leaving behind an abutment that will offer support for the restoration. Then, we take an impression so that the dental lab can see your bite pattern and ensure the finished crown will be customized. A temporary dental crown can protect the tooth in the meantime until our dentist places the permanent crown during your second visit.

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